heroines of suffrage

Utah HERitage

How do you create a statewide awareness campaign to celebrate Utah’s trailblazing women? In partnership with Iconic Collective we helped build HERitage from its foundations all the way to the State Capitol.


The “ask” was equally staggering and exciting: Develop an ownable brand statement, website, social movement, educational package, billboard, and city-wide banner campaign.

campaign wordmark
pioneering posters

Our poster series featuring women pioneers of Utah suffrage from 1820-2020 became the backbone of an instantly recognizable campaign.


The key was creating a unifying design across all iterations, which helped the old portraits look new and the new ones look legendary.

outdoor exposure

We embrace complexity, from bus wraps, to lamp post banners. We coordinated the design and production of statewide banner, billboard, and public transit ads for HERitage.

strategy, schools, & kits

Research indicated schools and young students as the major demographic for the HERitage message. So we created physical kits full of fun, interactive learning tools.