360° support for a 360° brand

Johnson & Johnson

J&J is a global powerhouse brand and Re/mark has been proud to partner with them on a medicine cabinet’s worth of projects, from iconic product packaging redesigns to updating sales materials to internal communications strategies. Re/mark’s deep experience with global CPG brands uniquely positions us to understand the complexity and challenges of J&J’s brands’ needs.

band-aid brand aid

We partnered with BAND-AID on their licensing strategy, working with Disney, Marvel, and more than a dozen other co-branding properties. Not only did we strategize effective licensing partnerships for BAND-AID’s desired demographics, we created fun & flexible packaging, ensuring that iconic brands play nice for corporate and consumer.

a better shelf for bengay
With tightening shelf space at retailers, J&J asked us to redesign a heritage brand that hadn’t been updated in decades: BENGAY. We created vertical packaging and a striking new color system, delivering innovation and an updated look without losing iconic brand elements.
first aid cures

J&J tasked us with unifying the design of their FIRST AID kits. Market research showed that images of trusted J&J brands would outsell generic options. Our job was to create a cohesive design, without changing the carton, that incorporated the right images and told the right story.