like a mustard seed

Faith Counts

Faith Counts is an interfaith coalition that illuminates the value of faith in society. We were asked to create a hub where users could share and receive messages of faith. We sought to create a platform for interactivity and inspiration through simple and clean design, optimized for mobile users.

faces of faith

A sad truth of human history is that in order to discriminate, you first have to dehumanize. No thank you to that; we’d rather inspire. So we created the microsite for Faces of Faith, putting a human story and a human face behind simple, powerful expressions of faith. The impact of the campaign was so powerful that Faith Counts partnered with us to redesign their main website.

Videos, Articles, Sharables, Podcasts, Downloads
the netflix of faith

There are so many amazing stories of faith. The problem is organizing them all in a quick-content, searchable way. We took a page from big-brand UI theory and created a filtration system and content carousel that let the stories shine out from the noise.

the challenge

Candle flames combining into bonfires. Sticks tying into stanchions. Whatever your metaphor, faith is stronger when it’s shared, when it’s interactive, and when it’s LOUD.


Our mobile-friendly solutions for Faith Counts focused on increasing interaction across platforms. All while not losing any of the simple UI and clean design that make the Faith Counts experience so beautiful.