first things first

Better Days

2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the first woman to vote, which happened right in our home state of Utah. Better Days 2020, a nonprofit led and backed by some of Utah’s best and brightest, turned to us to help raise funds, raise awareness, and raise the bar for the big celebration.

so many cool things
graphic illustrations
a better home for better days

Better Days needed a web hub to deliver an enormous amount of information. Plus it had to be accessible to educators and elementary students. We leaned on our UX and UI experience to deliver all that goodness across a clean, kid-friendly, easily navigable site.

inclusive everywhere

Better Days is 100% inclusive. Our challenge was to build an identity system, website, merchandise line, and printed book in ways that inspired everybody.

building a bestseller

Imagine you had a full library of historical information, images, handwritten quotes, and factoids, and you had to get all that goodness onto a single book…and make it readable. The reviews confirm we succeeded.